Orange V-Day E-Shop Campaign


This 2023 Valentine's Day sales campaign with a touch of storytelling and sprinkles of cuteness is everywhere on the media and Orange's website these days.

We built this sweet universe of Cupid, the main character, through concept, character design, copy, scriptwriting, and animation. We're in love with how it turned out, from statics to animations.

Cupid is full of energy and moves as such, making the animation snappy, and keeping the love flowing. He's meant to place each animation in a different mood and give it context. The animated stories are short, but they make up a very complex universe altogether. We scripted him to be the star of the show, keeping the sales animations playful.

We did frame-by-frame to make every move smooth as butter and kept it dynamic through popping transitions.

The illustrations and animations we did bring life to Orange's website and a sweet pop of color.

Client: Orange

E-Shop Design & Animation

Tactic Key Visuals





Andreea Ochiană

Laurențiu Mitrea

Raluca Vidrașcu

Stoica Sabina

Directed by Vână Animation Studio

Executive Producer: Anca Manolache

Creative Director: Anca Manolache

Concept: Oana Vasile, Anghel Ionuț, Anca Manolache

Copywriter: Anca Manolache, Christina Tudor

Art Director: Oana Vasile

Animation Director: Anghel Ionuț

Script: Anca Manolache, Oana Vasile

Storyboard Artist: Oana Vasile

Illustrator: Oana Vasile, Anghel Ionuț

Character Designer: Oana Vasile

2D Animation: Andrei Câmpan, Anghel Ionuț, Ana-Maria Trăistaru, Adèle Coulloudon

Frame-by-frame Animation: Andrei Câmpan, Anghel Ionuț, Adèle Coulloudon

Clean-up Animation: Ana-Maria Trăistaru

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