A Merry Foxy Christmas

This tiny Christmas frame by frame animation is our way of saying:

"Instead of getting you something 🎀, we made you something 🦊🦊🦊"

It’s a super short story depicting a little corner of Christmas magic in the forrest ❄️🌲

Here's the Fox family getting in the holiday spirit, each in his own particular way. A lot of character animation in this 20' frame by frame snowy piece.

We put lots of love and craft in this foxy Christmasy animation story that we hope will turn out to be a long piece of animation in these 2020 - 2021 days.

Crăciun bine cernut tuturor. And enjoy the magic, whoever and wherever you are! 🌨🦊🌲

Thank you for a fantastic ride in 2019 🛷