Welcome To The Originals

The Originals is the most intimate place at our animation studio.

It’s like you just opened the kitchen door to our studio’s heart. Because here is
where we feel the most familiar, and most comfortable to give you a sneak peek into our dreams,
our experiments and our bets with frame by frame and 2D animation.

What you find here is some of our dream work in the making. Original animation created by our studio.

We have lots of ideas stashed in notebooks, some even made it to the sketchbook.
But so few made it till here - to the point where we can show you what kind of content we want to create,
what kind of shorts or series we’re trying to put together.

Here are the works that originate in our heart, mind and imagination. They spring out of questions, curiosity,
obsessions, love, heartbrakes, losses, births. After reading a book, an article, listening to music or dancing a personal dance.

The reason we create them is because we believe in their magic. And we feel their power of visual storytelling.

If you believe in their magic, we’d sure be happy to get your support.
Support the work you believe in. Be an art donor.

Adèle's Petit Book Animé du Bucharest is the internship animation series of Adèle Coulloudon, a young animator from Lyon. 

The Magic of Christmas: A Heartwarming Animated Tale. Immerse yourself in a snowy forest where the Fox family embarks on a heartwarming journey, brimming with the spirit of Christmas. 


A lyric drama of mending a broken heart. We follow a little man's journey in his sacrificial attempt to keep alive his beloved lighthouses.