We follow a lighthouse keeper’s journey in their sacrificial attempt
to keep beloved beacons alive.

Rooted in a love letter in absentia, this short animation poetically re-enacts the stages of a broken heart, after it finds itself in a void of sudden nothingness.

Echoes of oceanic winds are the first anchors of something remotely familiar. As the protagonist tries to orientate and find their footing, grains of sand begin to appear and form a trail that guides them in the search for sense, solace, and belonging. 

On this path, they come across broken down lighthouses, remnants of love lost and hope faded. At each encounter, they attempt to salvage what is now broken, to revive these beacons with the only tool at their disposal: their own life force. 

Step by step and lighthouse by lighthouse, the character reaches their own state of dissolution, acceptance, and, ultimately, closure.

In their wake, the light keeps burning, leading the way, warning from danger, signaling shelter.

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