A lyric drama of mending a broken heart

We follow a little man's journey in his sacrificial attempt to keep alive his beloved lighthouses. 

Rooted in a love letter in absentia, this short animation poetically reenacts the stages of a broken heart, after the heart finds herself in a void of sudden nothingness.

In this void, the sound of waves and oceanic wind become first anchors of something remotely familiar. Then the appearance of a sand trail ignites the memories of happy times and the heart starts walking up and down this path, in search of that love bustling life on the shore, only to discover the memories are broken in this new lonely universe.

In an attempt to salvage what is now broken, the heart starts fixing the lighthouse with the only tool she has - her own pumping power. Step by step and lighthouse by lighthouse, she pours her life into these artifacts of happy memories until she comes to an acceptance - her own form of closure. 

 A lighthouse is only as good as its ability to light the way, warn from danger and give shelter.

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