We make stories (that) move

We birth ideas, we write the stories, we direct and produce them. We bring our stories to life through frame by frame and 2D animation. We believe in never ending education and self challenge as a real door to success, this is why we are collaborating with great talents while noticing young talent and harvesting it. We are a creative nucleus that brings talented people together to build great projects.

Our work ranges from storytelling, traditional advertising animation, explainer videos, social causes animation as well as animated shorts. Our selection of clients includes both national and global names.

And we make a big deal out of collaborating with clients that try to be courageous in terms of the work we do together and true to values important to us, like education and social awareness.

Animation & Illustration by Andrei Câmpan for Scoala 9

1. We are a storytelling studio. This is our way of seeing, imagining and showcasing the world.

2. We are a complete studio, providing services from idea to script, storyboard, animatic, design, illustration, animation, sound design and rendering.

3. Our stories are meant to move the audience. To generate reactions and we trigger that through our storytelling and illustration style.

4. The studio’s 2 co-founders each have 14+ years experience of art direction and copywriting in advertising. They opened Vână Animation in 2016, harvesting a network of talented designers illustrators, and animators who are now our collaborators.

Vână Studio has a clear and simple work philosophy

We are formed as a creative nucleus who leads and manages all creative ideas.

Around this nucleus, we form project based cells, formed of hand-picked professionals that fit the project needs.

This is how we see evolution, by becoming better and better everyday and teaming up with great professionals that challenge our thinking.


Anca Manolache

Co-founder / Producer & Writer

Horia Manolache

Co-founder / Animation Director

Andrei Campan

Animator & Illustrator

Andrei Berculescu

Animator & Illustrator

Madalina Belu

Project Manager

Ionut Anghel

Animator & Compositor

Adele Coulloudon

2D Animator

Oana Vasile


Christina Tudor


Smaranda Gorduza

Junior Illustrator

Ana-Maria Trăistaru

Junior Animator



2D animation

Traditional Animation



Concept Art

Motion Graphics

Art Direction


Character Design