A leading animation studio in the Romanian market, we are known for pursuing excellence in the craft of 2D animated stories. We are an animation house and a creative studio bringing stories to life for our clients and their brands, their causes, upping the game with our vigour and versatility.

We craft projects meant for classical outlets such as TV commercials and digital campaigns, but also stories told through new media, 360˚ videos and AR projects.

We are VÂNĂ Animation Studio

Headed by creative directors Anca Manolache and Horia Manolache and animation director Andrei Câmpan, VÂNĂ Animation Studio is a full house of very talented Romanian & French artists who craft meaningful, heartfelt or simply crazy creative work.






Who we work for

We are a visual storytelling studio who gained the trust of production companies, leading agencies, global brands as well as local brands and small businesses, NGOs, innovative media agencies, educational and art institutions, helping them imagine and create outstanding original content.

And this is 

what we do

Our gutsy approach goes into the whole package as well as in every single step of the process that we deliver

We harvest a healthy, mature and open communication policy of first understanding the needs of our partners, their business and their product. And then coming up with the best visual storytelling approach, using animation and illustration (be it an explainer, a Social Media Campaign, a TV Commercial, an internal comm campaign).  

Cel Animation

2D Character Rig Animation

Motion Graphics

Creative Concept


Concept Art

Art Direction   


3D Illustration

Character Design