Orange Women's Day

Here's another side of the loveable character we created for Orange's e-shop campaign, our telecom client that's now hooked on animated characters full of personality.

Being super versatile through its simplicity, a character like Cupid can adjust easily to different narratives to serve different purposes.

This little ball full of joy has been a game character in one of the animated ads, it is a Cupid mastermind, playfully interacting with the products, and now it's spoiling itself on Women's Day with a bubble bath and an online shopping spree. Cupid was designed to express joy and deliver a sense of fun and curiosity to Orange's Vday sales campaign, but can easily step into a different role for a Women's Day Flash Sale.

Through a rich concept and modularity of the characters we develop, we can contribute to building complex campaigns that translate into many mediums: from generic to tactical materials, static or animated ads, expanding to various media contexts.

Client: Orange


Tactic Key Visuals





Andreea Ochiană

Laurențiu Mitrea

Raluca Vidrașcu

Stoica Sabina

Directed by Vână Animation Studio

Executive Producer: Anca Manolache

Creative Director: Anca Manolache

Concept: Oana Vasile

Copywriter: Anca Manolache, Christina Tudor

Art Director: Oana Vasile

Animation Director: Anghel Ionuț

Script: Anca Manolache, Oana Vasile

Storyboard Artist: Oana Vasile

Illustrator: Oana Vasile, Anghel Ionuț

Character Designer: Oana Vasile

2D Animation: Anghel Ionuț, Ana-Maria Trăistaru

Frame-by-frame Animation: Ana-Maria Trăistaru

Clean-up Animation: Ana-Maria Trăistaru

Compositing: Anghel Ionuț

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