Orange Xmas E-Shop Campaign

Character Development

2022 is coming to an end slowly, but surely, and once more we get to be the ones behind Orange's sales Christmas Campaign. We did concept, character design, copy, and scriptwriting and created the whole creative universe. And let us tell you we're loving every pixel of it. And vectors. 

This year, after a couple of explorations that will, at some point, rest their digital bones on a dedicated page on our website, we found Spiri. 

He's an elf that does what an elf does. He's in charge of gifts and makes sure everybody gets one. Maybe he does a bit more than an elf, kinda conquering Santa. But it's okay because Santa can't give you surprise vouchers. 

You'll get to know him in a bit since this page is entirely dedicated to him and all the situations we put him in. He's in great hands, don't worry. 

Orange has been trusting us for so many years just as much as we're trusting our computers not to crash when they're overloaded and sound like they're going to take off. And we're beyond grateful for that.

Client: Orange

Character Dev

We've gone through a few more character designs that looked and felt very Christmassy and lovely, but Spiri had that spark in his eyes that stole the hearts of Orange's team. Being so joyful and witty, he stole our hearts too.

Key Visual Illustration

Online Benefits Illustration

Throughout the campaign and website, he is presenting his world and all the wintery goodies that Orange brings to its users.

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Client: Orange

Orange Team

Andreea Ochiană

Laurențiu Mitrea

Raluca Vidrașcu

Alexandru Volocaru

Mirela Boșoi

Vână Animation Studio

Character Design: Oana Vasile

Illustration: Oana Vasile, Ana-Maria Trăistaru

Creative Team: Oana Vasile, Christina Tudor, Anghel Ionuț

Creative Directors: Anca Manolache, Horia Manolache

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