ING Hubs Romania 

Sorting Out WFH Recommendations

"Sorting Out Working From Home" is ING Hubs' internal comm campaign, and here is a series of illustrations and short animations that provide the ING team with helpful insights on working from home in a much more balanced way. These recommendations came into play as the pandemic arose and working became completely remote, a situation that most people weren't prepared for.

ING communicated to their teams via a richly illustrated booklet containing all their useful tips, separated into 5 categories. We have worked on designing, illustrating, and editing the texts that went into the document to keep it fun and informal, matching the friendly vibe of the whole booklet. We often played around with the proportions of the illustrations to highlight their message and make it an enjoyable reading experience.

Aside from this booklet, ING also needed to communicate these tips on their internal social media platforms, so we concentrated the message and illustrations into short animations that resemble a postcard. We've gathered the illustrations and summarized the message that went onto these vividly illustrated digital cards.

For this campaign identifier, we explored a few visual directions and namings that culminated in this neat & simple logo.

Working on these awesome materials gave us a handful of useful insights that really helped and inspired us, which we're super grateful for.

Props to ING Hubs Romania for this initiative.


ING Hubs Romania

Booklet Illustrations

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Working From a Good Place

Clean & Clear Communication

Self-Care Notes

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Logo Design



ING Hubs Romania 

Arina Udup, Sr. Communications Specialist 

Manuela Mihalciuc, Communications Specialist

Tatiana Marin, Head of Communication & Branding

Directed by Vână Animation Studio

Producer: Mădălina Belu

Illustrator: Ionuț Anghel, Oana Vasile, Horia Manolache, Irina Mocanu

Character Designer: Oana Vasile

2D Animation: Ionuț Anghel

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