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New Office User Manual Illustrations

Very similar to what an animated explainer does, an illustrated booklet can be much easier to visualize than a document that isn't written with a visual outlook in mind. Breaking the information into colorful images can help complete the message and make your reading experience easier by being more descriptive. Any text or abstract idea can be given a shape and color to magically turn it into a visual image.

That's exactly what we did here. ING Hubs' comms department does a great job keeping their communication crystal clear, especially working with hundreds of coworkers, so they created a new booklet to ease their teams' transition from remote work to their new office. The document walks them through everything they need to know about accommodating into their new working space.

We used a clean illustration focusing on details that establish a pleasant mood. We played around with perspective to provide more dynamism to our illustrations, while keeping them explanatory enough to support the text.


ING Hubs Romania




ING Hubs Romania 

Arina Udup, Sr. Communications Specialist 

Manuela Mihalciuc, Communications Specialist

Tatiana Marin, Head of Communication & Branding

Directed by Vână Animation Studio

Producer: Mădălina Belu

Illustrator: Oana Vasile, Anghel Ionuț

Clean-Up Artist: Oana Vasile

Character Designer: Oana Vasile

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