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Sorting Out Working From Home 2

"Sorting out Work From Home" is a series of animations, an illustrated booklet of recommendations and helpful tips, the results of an internal comm campaign for ING Hubs Romania, formerly known as ING Tech.

We've been telling the story of what it's really like working from home in the first months of the pandemic, while most of us were trying to adjust and adapt to this new reality.

The situations we animated are real-life inspired, suggesting solutions to make your working hours more flexible and more enjoyable, and establishing healthy habits.

From indoors to outdoors, we illustrated situations that resemble reality as it is: sometimes having a meeting while multitasking in a messy kitchen, or sharing the same desk with your partner. The green of the park balances out the stiffness of being inside for too long.

We enjoyed working on this series, directing and scripting this fun and upbeat piece as well, and we're keen on applying those recommendations as much as we can.


ING Hubs Romania




ING Hubs Romania 

Arina Udup, Sr. Communications Specialist 

Manuela Mihalciuc, Communications Specialist

Tatiana Marin, Head of Communication & Branding

Directed by Vână Animation Studio

Animation Director: Anca Manolache

Producer: Mădălina Belu

Storyboard Artist: Ionuț Anghel

Illustrator: Ionuț Anghel, Oana Vasile, Horia Manolache

Character Designer: Oana Vasile

Background Designer: Ionuț Anghel, Oana Vasile, Horia Manolache

Frame-by-frame Animation: Ionuț Anghel, Horia Manolache

2D Animation: Ionuț Anghel, Horia Manolache

Compositor: Ionuț Anghel, Horia Manolache

Sound Design

Victor Mihăilescu (@platonicscale)

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