ING Hubs Romania 

Social Media Guidelines Illustrations

Here's another batch of illustrations we did for ING Hubs Romania's visual guideline for their Social Media internal comm, dedicated to their teams. We teamed up with them to bring this text document up a few notches with fun and descriptive illustrations to provide that extra VÂNĂ.

We love bringing static or animated materials to life through colorful visual goodness, to make documents a much more fun reading experience, but most importantly easier to visualize.

We're much like a vessel for our clients, helping them translate words into images that move.

Their efforts aim to ease their teams' transition to hybrid work and establish a mutual communication language, which is why they chose us: we can speak a universal language through images.

ING Hubs cares a lot about their team and how they keep in touch and always stay aligned on work matters, which is why they put so much love and energy into creating thoughtful communication materials. We've only extracted the illustrations we crafted for this one, which revolve around their Social Media Guidelines. We also made sure that the text is easy to read and straight to the point, by overlooking and editing it with a copywriter's eye.


ING Hubs Romania




ING Hubs Romania 

Arina Udup, Sr. Communications Specialist 

Manuela Mihalciuc, Communications Specialist

Tatiana Marin, Head of Communication & Branding

Directed by Vână Animation Studio

Producer: Mădălina Belu

Copywriting: Christina Tudor

Illustrator: Ionuț Anghel

Clean-Up Artist: Oana Vasile

Character Designer: Ionuț Anghel

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