We are thrilled 🤩 to share this 3D animation ad we crafted for YOXO, a local cell phone service popular amongst Romanians of all ages due to its innovative subscription model that allows users to customize, modify, pay, or cancel their plans effortlessly via a mobile app.

Client: YOXO

Drawing from YOXO's dynamic brand identity, we elevated its bold hues and direct tone of voice to an exhilarating level, playing with timing, textures, and most notably, music.

In this instance, we started off with the music, orchestrating the animation's movements to align with each beat of the song precisely.

Our job was to articulate the essence of YOXO with clarity and for this our client needed a product and offer-centered animation, almost like a very fast-paced animated explainer ad. 

So we opted for a rapid-fire visual style & an informative voiceover to effectively reach this campaign's goal and to resonate with both younger and older audiences.

To bring YOXO's brand personality and innovative product to life, the creative team utilized a versatile set of tools.

We used most of the Adobe Creative Cloud apps. Photoshop and Illustrator for all the design work and initial creative iterations of the project. We worked with After Effects for all the 2D animations that appear on the phone screens & for the 3D modeling, texturing, lights, and animation we worked with Blender.

We adapted this animated ad for Cinema, Digital Outdoors, Led Trucks, and In-Store Ads. We paid close attention to the visibility and readability of information, especially in the outdoors which can prove tricky because of all the other elements, like trees or traffic lights. So we made good use of Google Street View, to make sure you can see it.

We've witnessed it playing in cinemas and can wholeheartedly endorse its captivating appeal. ;)

If you find this animated ad inspiring, please drop us a line.




Raluca Vidrașcu

Roxana Zaharia Bogdan

Alexandru Volocaru

Directed by 

Vână Animation Studio

Creative Director&Executive Producer: Anca Manolache

Creative Concept: Horia Manolache

Copywriter: Anca Manolache

3D Design: Anghel Ionuț, Horia Manolache

3D Animation: Anghel Ionuț, Horia Manolache

2D Animation: Adèle Coulloudon

Compositing: Horia Manolache

Sound Design

Victor Mihăilescu

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