Orange Piñata Spring

We worked around this animation for the My Orange loyalty program spring campaign, aka Pinata Party by painting a dynamic picture of blooming nature, with an illustration rich in details and springtime creatures. 

The frame-by-frame animations flood your screen with the dynamism of a timelapse of nature expanding and coming to life. An extra oomph and immersion are provided by the up-close shots of the Pinata and the birds flying toward the viewer.

Being a mobile-first animation, the elements remain sharp, clear, and easy to read, bringing a pop of color and nature to your screens.

Client: My Orange





My Orange

Andreea Ochiană

Valentin Stanciu

Nadia Topfer

Directed by Vână Animation Studio

Executive Producer: Anca Manolache

Creative Direction: Anca Manolache, Andrei Câmpan

Concept: Andrei Câmpan, Ana-Maria Trăistaru, Adèle Coulloudon

Copywriter: Anca Manolache

Script: Ana-Maria Trăistaru, Adèle Coulloudon

Storyboard Artist: Ana-Maria Trăistaru, Adèle Coulloudon

Illustration: Andrei Câmpan

Frame-by-frame Animation: Adèle Coulloudon, Ana-Maria Trăistaru, Andrei Câmpan

2D Animation: Adèle Coulloudon

Compositing: Adèle Coulloudon

Sound Design

Victor Mihăilescu


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