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 360° Holiday Wishes

Wishing a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year comes in various shapes and sizes, depending on who wishes it. If it's made by Vână for Orange, it might look something like this. 

Orange wanted to send their business clients a digital postcard via e-mail that would stand out and be an experience altogether. We were in charge of making it thoughtful, fun, and entertaining, so we came up with the idea of a 360° video that turned out to be a good challenge since it was our first time doing such a thing. 

The way it's scripted is meant to take you on a visual ride in the VR universe, so you can discover every single detail. The text shows up piece by piece, like a little puzzle where you have to see all of them to understand the message. This way, you get to enjoy a 360° view of the scene. 

To make such an immersive universe, the illustration was drawn on a special 360° grid that allows the image to come together beautifully in VR. The movement via animation has depth to it, being animated with a 3D space in mind. A captivating experience is what we were looking for with this work. 

To handle every single detail carefully, the story has been split into a few pieces with separate scripts. 

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Client: Orange

Making of




Vână Animation Studio

Illustration: Oana Vasile, Ana-Maria Trăistaru, Andrei Câmpan

Character Design: Ana-Maria Trăistaru

Storyboards: Oana Vasile, Ana-Maria Trăistaru

Frame-By-Frame Animation: Andrei Berculescu

Clean-up: Andrei Berculescu

Script Writing: Ana-Maria Trăistaru

Compositing: Adèle Coulloudon, Horia Manolache

Project Management: Mădălina Belu


Victor Mihăilescu

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