My nails are to small / Kinder Chocolate

This super cute kids' story shows how nail polish can successfully decorate more than nails.

"My nails are too small" is one of the eight short animated stories for which we contributed with script, illustration, directing and animation, for Kinder Chocolate. Inspired by kids' real adventures as they told them and playfully rewritten by Romanian writer Iulian Tănase, then screen adapted by us, these kids' animations are equally fun for grown ups. 

This project was made possible by the nice folks at Publicis Romania, which we thank for trusting us with the job.


Client: Kinder Romania
Directed by Vână Animation Studio
Agency: Publicis Romania
Creative Direction: Horia Manolache
Scriptwriting & Production: Anca Manolache
Storyboards & Animatic: Andrei Berculescu
Design & Illustration: Andrei Câmpan, Oana Vasile
Animation: Andrei Câmpan, Horia Manolache, Adele Coulloudon, Ionuț Anghel, Andrei Berculescu, Oana Vasile
Compositing: Andrei Câmpan, Horia Manolache, Ionuț Anghel
Original Music & Sound Design: Ștefan Ruxandra
Voices: Irina Slate

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