FAR Talks Logo Animation

FAR via Radar New Media Art, is having their logo designed and animated by different artists every time they're hosting a new FAR Talk. This time, we were invited to add some vână to their new event about Metaverse, NFT, and Web3 Community. 

We were challenged to create an other-worldly animation with 3D, frame-by-frame, and 2D motion. 

We created Eno, a character that has tons of fun changing realities thru her VR Headset, designed with a handful of playfulness and curiosity in mind. Then played around with 3D shapes and different textures, and animated them in 3D. The NFT-inspired apes are direct hints toward Humans.ai, and Subcarpați OGs, represented by Sabin Dima (Humans.Ai) and AFO (Subcarpați), the speakers at the event. 

Hop onto their website to see the animation in context and find out more about the event: https://www.far.community/

Client: FAR by Radar



Client: FAR by Radar

Mădălina Ivașcu

Sorina Topceanu

Maria Mora

Mișu Cojocaru

Directed by Vână Animation Studio

Animation Director: Ionuț Anghel

Producer: Anca Manolache

2D & 3D Illustration: Ionuț Anghel

Frame By Frame Animation: Ionuț Anghel, Andrei Berculescu , Horia Manolache 

3D Animation: Ionuț Anghel

Compositing: Ionuț Anghel

Sound Design

Alexandru Florea

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