One Night Gallery / Love Alina Marinescu

On August 8th 2019, in a once almost decadent home of then Romania’s dictatorial family - now turned in a beautiful oasis called Palatul Primăverii, the One Night Gallery // Love Alina Marinescu experience took place. Part of this delightful carnival were two animations we mastered for two of Alina’s works, “Depresii”. We gave each of them a story, a voice and a world for the viewer to immerse in through augmented reality. We chose frame by frame animation for one, after effects for the other, like an addition to their design style. It was an all-senses-in experience and the reactions we got from people watching them in the night lit atmosphere were the best compliments. Enjoy!

Process Sneak Peak: frame by frame animation, after effects, parallax, tvpaint, animate cc, audition, 


Illustration: Alina Marinescu

After-effects animation: Ionuț Anghel

Frame by frame animation: Andrei Berculescu

Lines: Anca Manolache

Voice Over: Anca Manolache

Sound design: Horia Manolache

Compositing: Ionuț Anghel