Orange Winter Piñata Party

Here's a sweet animation we did for Orange Pinata Party, a surprise you get in the My Orange app with a gamification twist. It's all about prizes and surprises that you collect over time as an Orange user via the app.

We did a short animation starring the Pinata, which is an invitation for you to discover the gifts lying around in your Orange app and enter the lottery to win even more.

We have explored a bunch of styles and directions, as well as knitting and using thread to draw the Pinata, which seems to have won the heart of our client. It was the warmest Pinata of all times, perfect for the winter edition.

Orange loved the sketches so much they decided that's the visual direction we want to settle to. We only polished the visual afterwards, since we nailed the vibe from the beginning.

Work like this puts us in the mood for more. :D

Client: Orange


The sketches we did set the tone for the whole production, since Orange's team loved the clean style so much.




Andreea Ochiană

Valentin Stanciu

Nadia Topfer

Vână Animation Studio

Illustration: Oana Vasile

Clean-up: Ana-Maria Trăistaru

Frame-By-Frame Animation: Andrei Berculescu

Animation: Adèle Coulloudon

Copywriting: Christina Tudor

Creative Direction: Anca Manolache

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