Orange Hot Summer

The Skater 

Orange Romania approached us with the summer sales campaign for their online shop. 

For this advertising brief, we were in charge of redesigning & illustrating their iconic campaign character, Flăcărilă (while staying in the brand guide). And for bringing the character to life through animation. We came up with two fresh approaches for the character. And the cool skater boy approach was the best fit for the client's needs. 

This skater dude appeared doing his tricks and throwing a cool shade on the summer heat on different digital media and social media materials. Check him out.

The Beach


Client: Orange Romania 
Client team: Andra Stegaru, Andreea Rada, Dragoș Dumitrașcu 
Directed by Vână Animation Studio 
Creative Direction: Horia Manolache, Anca Manolache 
Scriptwriting: Anca Manolache 
Copywriting: Iulian Bărbulescu
Production: Mădălina Belu 
Storyboards & Animatic: Ionuț Anghel Credits 
Art Director: Ionuț Anghel 
Character Design & Illustration: Ionuț Anghel, Horia Manolache 
Animation: Andrei Berculescu, Ionuț Anghel 
Compositing: Ionuț Anghel 
Original Music & Sound Design: Ștefan Ruxandra