Orange Black Friday

We don't usually host Black Friday campaigns, but we help brands such as Orange build and communicate theirs through animation and illustration. When it comes to standing out and being recognized as a brand, our greatest challenge is reaching the type of communication that stays true to the brand's core values. 

Alongside our clients, we're building a visual universe that speaks their truth and meets their needs, no matter what the brief is.

And since these days you can't miss out on Orange's Black Friday spots being on most billboards and ads, here's some more of it.

This charming little ghost has been the face of Black Friday for Orange since last year, and she's in charge of lowering the prices just in time. It's been animated frame by frame for a sleek movement and lots of character to it.

We're totally nuts about it and looking forward to work that needs a touch of vână.

Client: Orange

Character Dev





Andreea Ochiană

Andra Dumitrescu

Laurențiu Mitrea

Raluca Vidrașcu

Directed by Vână Animation Studio

Design & Illustration: Oana Vasile

Storyboards: Anghel Ionuț

Frame by frame Animation: Andrei Berculescu

Clean-up: Ana-Maria Trăistaru

2D Animation: Anghel Ionuț

Compositing: Anghel Ionuț

Directed by Anghel Ionuț

Project Management: Anghel Ionuț

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