McDonald's x Untold

Drawing Boards

Here's another magical art project from the McDonald's x UNTOLD series, a collab with DDB Romania. There are rumors that the UNTOLD-ers were quickly drawn to this McDonald's huge board that we sketched for them to have fun with.

We gracefully crafted a line-art flat illustration, full of tiny detailed stories that was later on printed on a 2m x 8m long canvas for the festival. It's packed with young energy, funky messages, and lots of party-themed images brought to life by the public. And the mystic Untold vibe is top notch.

It was a magical collab that brought us lots of joy and energy, especially seeing the public express great energy through color and bringing it to life.

Client: McDonald's

Untold Festival 2022





Irina Angelescu

Advertising Agency

DDB Romania

Vână Animation Studio

Creative Direction: Andrei Câmpan, Oana Vasile

Illustration: Oana Vasile

Clean-up: Oana Vasile, Smaranda Gorduza, Ana-Maria Trăistaru, Christina Tudor, Andrei Câmpan

DTP: Andrei Câmpan, Oana Vasile

Producer: Anca Manolache

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