McDonald's x Untold


We couldn't wait any longer to share with you this icy TV spot we crafted for McDonald's in collab with Untold Festival. It introduced the awesome McFlurry mystic tastes for 2022's Untold. 

With a blend of digital illustration and 3D animation, the spot introduces you to a magical space, a mystic cave that belongs to the festival's universe and hides a few yummy gems (the McFlurrys). 

The magician is on his way to find it ( via motion graphics) and set the mood for the show. 

Here are a few of our gems from this awesome project. 

Discover the filter and interactive drawing boards that belong to the same universe!

Client: McDonald's




Irina Angelescu

Advertising Agency

DDB Romania

Vână Animation Studio

Design & Illustration: Andrei Câmpan

Storyboard: Andrei Câmpan

Styleframes: Oana Vasile, Smaranda Gorduza

Animatic: Horia Manolache

2D Animation: Adele Coulloudon, Anghel Ionuț, Horia Manolache

3D Modeling: Anghel Ionuț

3D Texturing: Anghel Ionuț

3D Render: Anghel Ionuț

3D Animation: Anghel Ionuț

Compositing: Horia Manolache

Directed by Andrei Câmpan

Producer: Anca Manolache

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