McDonald's Big Tasty

It's been really fun working on this McDonald's spot directed by the awesome director Andrei Gheorghe from Diud Studio - where we chipped in with the animations over the footage. The frame-by-frame action gives the spot a tonic kick that keeps you hooked.

It was a blast making a team with the cool dudes at Diud and DDB Romania who keep the great work coming. Thanks, Abis Studio for teaming us up - especially because we've been waiting for a project like this for a while now.

Animation integrated with real footage it's quite a sensation and has that particular vână that we're aiming for in all our projects.

The spot flows like a river and everything happens in the blink of an eye.

Client: McDonald's




Irina Angelescu

Directed by

Andrei Gheorghe (DIUD)

Advertising Agency

DDB Romania

Production House

Abis Studio

Vână Animation Studio

Design & Illustration: Andrei Câmpan

2D Animation: Andrei Berculescu, Ana-Maria Trăistaru, Andrei Câmpan

Directed by Andrei Câmpan

Producer: Anca Manolache

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