Line Manifesto

This video is a manifesto for Line Agency, a cool bunch of creative heads that wanted to tell their story through animation. The challenge was to mirror Line's values through a creative story that's packed with pop culture and advertising references. 

They came up with the voice-over and the mood board, we put it into a script, directed it, and created the whole thing. We love that this collab turned out to be true teamwork between us and Line, where we've challenged and empowered one another till we got this cool animation.

We had fun mixing lineart illustrations with collages in this animation. And our stop motion enthusiast was super glad she could integrate stop motion animation with 2D motion. 

We had lots of freedom to juggle intriguing ideas, while also enjoying a close collab process with Line's awesome team.

Working on the sound and VO, we had creative input in collab with sound engineer Victor Mihăilescu. We've also dug together to find the right voice to narrate Line's story, the voice actor Kenneth Huegel.

Client: Line Agency

Illustration & Storyboard 

Line Agency is rooted in pop culture and advertising references that we've playfully integrated into the story.

"Our aim was to produce an animation that stays true to Line's heart and talks about them creatively and originally, like a signature piece."

Andrei Câmpan, animation director

This manifesto animation is an important asset for Line's visual identity. We're thankful they entrusted us to handle it with our creativity and make it part of their visual identity through additional graphic elements.

Graphic Elements



Line Agency

Founder & Chief Connector: Ruxandra Micșunescu

Creative Director: Manuela Gogu

Account Director: Alexandru Vieru

Directed by 

Vână Animation Studio

Animation Director: Andrei Câmpan

Producer: Anca Manolache

Scriptwriter: Christina Tudor, Anca Manolache, Ionuț Anghel, Andrei Câmpan

Storyboard & Illustration: Andrei Câmpan, Oana Vasile

Animation: Adèle Coulloudon, Horia Manolache 

Compositing: Adèle Coulloudon 

Sound Design

Victor Mihăilescu


Diversum - Driving Big Beats 

Voice Actor 

Kenneth Huegel 

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