Xmas at the Himalaya Store

We're wrapping up the jolly season with a dynamic 2D Christmas animation for Himalaya's winter campaign. Swoosh! Swoosh! Here comes Santa Claus!

The well-established winter sports gear store envisioned a storyline starring a sporty Santa Claus that sources his presents from the Himalayan mountains and delivers them by skiing. We were thrilled to challenge the stereotypical Christmassy Santa profile and create a character that lives and belongs to the mountains, wears winter gear, and stays in shape. 

Style-wise, we went for a slick flat illustration based on simple shapes and lines. The visuals' bright contrasting colours and sharp lines build up the dynamics of the story. The mix of 2D illustration and photography takes the brand's DNA one step further, adding some extra coolness into this action Xmas story.

The animation and banners have been throughout the city, on TV, and in the subway.

We are super happy about this great collab with one of Romania's most trusted and loved sports gear stores. And if you're in town this winter, you'll probably spot the visuals and the animation around, above and under the ground, or on your screens. 

Client: Himalaya


Subway Banner




Flori Niță

Vână Animation Studio

Character Design: Anghel Ionuț

Illustration: Anghel Ionuț

Clean-up: Anghel Ionuț, Christina Tudor

Storyboard: Horia Manolache

Animation: Anghel Ionuț, Adèle Coulloudon

Directed by Horia Manolache, Anghel Ionuț

Producer: Horia Manolache

Scriptwriter & Communications Consultant

Daniela Ungureanu


Ștefan Crișan

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