FAN Courier & Visa

Character Development

These characters are part of a FAN Courier & VISA awareness campaign that advertises card payments on your delivery, starring the love story between a PDA and a VISA card. Depicted in 4 animated ads, their love is stronger than ice at the North Pole. 

They belong to a universe with richly painted backgrounds inspired by matte paintings. What makes them stand out is the bold and colorful style. 

We were highly inspired by classic cartoons, so the Inkblot Cartoon Style perfectly fit our characters. With a romantic cliché mood board in mind, we built the two lovers to be a little clumsy with a pinch of shyness and a lot of cheesiness.

Character development plays an important part, as the protagonists become the faces that deliver the message. Our guys are anthropomorphized objects, so they are greatly shaped by color, appearance, facial expressions, poses, and details such as "What do they wear? What is particular to them?".

Every tiny detail that goes into building the "actors" for an animation project is thoughtfully assembled so that we can best deliver the message. Best means attuned to our client's needs and to the project's objective, but also something that feels created by us, by our creative minds, and true to our quality standards.

Client: Fan Courier & VISA

Initial Sketches




FAN Courier & VISA

FAN Courier

Marketing & PR Manager: Adriana Manu

Marketing Specialist: Mălina Petrescu


MS&A Director România, Bulgaria, Croația, Slovenia: Elena Oprea

Senior Marketing Manager CEE: Ioana Vieru

Senior Client Marketing Manager: Gabriel Macovei

Creative Agency


Co-Creative Director, Art Direction: Șerban Mocanu

Co-Creative Director, Copywriting: Andrei Ruxanda

Art Director: Roxana Mancini

Copywriter: Laura Coroiu

Senior Account Manager: Alexandra Slotea

Client Service Director: Anamaria Osăceanu

Directed by Vână Animation Studio

Executive Producer: Anca Manolache

Character Designer: Oana Vasile

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