Act For Good Ro Local / Carrefour App 

This frame by frame and 2D motion animation belongs to a series of animations made for Carrefour’s Act For Good Campaign that enforces the consumption of local produce and other goods. We really like the playful and vibrant tone of the whole production.

Ro Local is one of the spots that has a very warm joyful tone and puts a romanian product in the spotlight, locally grown apples. It was a good opportunity for us to explore dynamic perspectives and bold shot progressions. We had enough freedom to experiment with courageous transitions, shifting from realistic shots to a fantastic imaginary world. There we see a really long, neverending stem where the great produce grows, followed by a very dynamic shot where it all falls into plates, ready to eat. The use of bright colours really appeals to the eye and makes the whole product easy and very enjoyable to watch.

We did the storyboard based on the script we got from Publicis, and then we were free handed to draw the style of the animation. Overall, the project was a nice creative challenge which we really enjoyed taking part in and we believe that it turned out super-duper captivating and natural-looking.


Client: Carrefour Romania

Agency: Publicis Romania

Creative Director: Titus Dumitrescu

Creative Director: Seba Romano

Art Director: Alin Badiu

Senior Client Lead: Corina Tudor

Account Manager: Ilinca Necula

AV Producer: Camelia Efrimov

Production Company: Saga Film

Executive Producer: Alex Teodorescu 

Producer: Vlad Semenescu

Post Production Manager: Patricia Terzea

Directed by Andrei Câmpan at Vână Animation Studio

Producer: Anca Manolache, Mădălina Belu

Project Management: Mădălina Belu

Design & Illustration: Oana Vasile

Animation: Andrei Berculescu, Andrei Câmpan 

Clean-up Animation: Cristina Pîrvu, Matei Mononaru, Adèle Coulloudon, Ionuț Anghel, Andrei Berculescu, Andrei Câmpan

Compositing: Horia Manolache

Music: Animotion Studio