Act For Good  Minions / Carrefour App TVC

This frame by frame and 2D motion animation belongs to the first batch of two animations directed and produced by our brave team for Carrefour’s Act For Good / MINIONS Collection. Encouraging children to eat healthy with the help of these beloved characters dressed up as vegetables and fruits. 

This playful and vibrant animation production was our second TVC from what became a dense collab with the Romanian branch of the French brand. Here's the first one. 

Minions is an animated story inspired by real-life kid resistance to veggies :D. The script written by Publicis creatives offered us a good playground. The illustration style and the character design are the ones we set in the first animation. 

With each animation series, we tried to sprinkle some fresher vibe to the Act for Good TVCs. Gotta watch all the other animations if you wanna see if we made it. All we can say is that our illustration team had a blast and our rough-animation as well as our clean-up animation teams asked for more hours in a day.

So, who’s your favourite Minion from this campaign? Bob the Strawberry, Stuart the Avocado or Carl the Apple? :) 


Client: Carrefour Romania

Agency: Publicis Romania

Creative Director: Titus Dumitrescu

Creative Director: Seba Romano

Art Director: Alin Badiu

Senior Client Lead: Corina Tudor

Account Manager: Ilinca Necula

AV Producer: Camelia Efrimov

Production Company: Saga Film

Executive Producer: Alex Teodorescu 

Producer: Vlad Semenescu

Post Production Manager: Patricia Terzea

Directed by Andrei Câmpan at Vână Animation Studio

Producer: Anca Manolache, Mădălina Belu

Project Management: Mădălina Belu

Design & Illustration: Oana Vasile

Animation: Andrei Berculescu, Horia Manolache, Andrei Câmpan

Clean-up Animation:  Cristina Pîrvu, Matei Mononaru, Adèle Coulloudon,  Horia Manolache, Andrei Câmpan, Ionuț Anghel

Music Director: Anca Manolache

Compositing: Horia Manolache

Music: Animotion Studio