Cargus | How To Send A Parcel With Cargus

This frame-by-frame and 2D motion animation belongs to a series of explainers we did for Cargus, a courier company that needed a creative way to highlight the assets of their mobile app. The app makes their service easier to use and understand, like picking up a parcel or sending one, choosing the home delivery option, or using their Ship & Go Lockers.

We had lots of freedom to craft a super friendly 2D universe made of unique characters with a personality and home-like backgrounds developed by our imaginative team. All of it while preserving the brand and translating it into animation: dressing up the couriers with Cargus attire, and depicting the app & elements through illustration.

Once again, we've illustrated and animated a world that is inviting and nice to watch. We're watching Dana, the main character, a young lady who collects robots getting ready to send a parcel to one of her customers using Cargus' mobile services. There is harmony in the frames, colors, and actions, but also simplicity so the story is easy to follow.

Explainers are a fun playground for making the complicated magically become easy with good storytelling and a visually appealing narrative that is always a great go-to for any brand, and we're looking forward to more work of this kind.

Client: Cargus






Creative Agency

Glitch Shop

Directed by Vână Animation Studio

Design & Illustration: Smaranda Gorduza

Storyboards: Smaranda Gorduza, Andrei Berculescu

Animatics: Adèle Coulloudon

2D Animation: Anghel Ionuț, Andrei Câmpan, Adèle Coulloudon, Ana-Maria Trăistaru

Compositing: Adèle Coulloudon, Horia Manolache

Directed by Andrei Câmpan

Project Management: Anca Manolache

Script writer: Glitch Shop

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