Brico keeps you warm / The Scarf

This 2D and frame by frame animation is an advertising spot we did for Brico Depot's cold season offer. The Scarf is one of the two spots created to put the housewarming products in the spotlight. We really like the warm, cheerful and smiling attitude of the whole production.

This animated ad for the DIY and home improvement store is a sweet collaboration and we feel honoured for having been able to work and learn from super talented illustrator Noper and from one of the finest Romanian advertising agencies. 

We did the storyboard based on the script from Headvertising and the 2D and frame by frame animation with the illustrations crafted by Noper. We tried to give it a nice flow, a natural movement so that you can almost feel the warmth.

We were all brought together by the nice people at Multi Media Est Romania, which we thank for their trust. Cheers to a spot on mix of talents!


Credits: Client: Brico DepotAgency: Headvertising Production Company: Multi Media Est Romania
Directed by Vână Animation Studio
Script: Headvertising 
Storyboard: Oana Vasile
Illustration: Noper
Animation: Andrei Câmpan, Horia Manolache, Adele Coulloudon, Andrei Berculescu
Compositing: Horia Manolache
Music: Electric Brother
Sound Design: Victor Mihăilescu
Voice: Maria Obretin