Arctic / Human functions

This is the first three episodes of a Romanian animated series we're producing for Arctic, a household appliance company. The theme of this first comedy animation is Back To School. The story goes like this: mom and dad share the last chores left on the Back to school To do list. She takes the laundry, while dad goes after the bouquet of flowers. But baboom, surprise: he comes back with a big plant in a pot, leaving the mother speechless. The whole series is based on analogies we draw between the appliances' technologies and the people's doodles and imperfections. It's a domestic comedy set to unravel the imperfections of an apparently perfect family, imperfections which really show them as who they are.


Production & Direction: Vână Animation Studio

Script: Anca Manolache

Art Direction & Illustration: Horia Manolache

Animation: Horia Manolache, Bogdan Crivo (Skeptic Dog)

Storyboard: Bogdan Crivo (Skeptic Dog)

Music Composition & Sound Design: Robert Ostiak